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Hello my student!

It’s time to pause your busy schedule and be mindful of your English learning moment! Let’s learn to actually stop in order to learn.

Hi there! My name is Cecília Pinto

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I’ve been teaching English for more than twenty years now.
My mission is to share my love for the language, showing each one of my students that having a busy life in adulthood is not a valid excuse not to succeed as an English learner! It’s feasible and you don’t have to feel embarrassed every time you need to communicate in English! On top of everything else, you can do it with your own identity.

On a personal level, I truly appreciate the gift of life. I'm a curious person and, because of that, I’m constantly learning and expanding my knowledge.

I’m full of life, I love singing and laughing willingly and I’m definitely a people person! 

I don’t like to overcomplicate and I’m quite practical, Therefore, I teach wholeheartedly!

I advocate forlonglife, fearless and willing learning because we cannot waste our precious time being embarrassed in order to move forward and challenge ourselves,,don’t you think so?

My students say my energy is contagious and, personally, I have to say, that’s the ultimate compliment you can pay a teacher!

Sandra Palhares, cofounder of the brand The Boot Institute
Teacher Cecília has an innovative teaching method, where learning English is done naturally and adapted to our day-to-day or business reality. In a short time, I felt a big difference, mainly in my speaking fluency. If you are looking to improve your English, I highly recommend these classes!
Soraia Maciel, communication manager
Before I started my classes with Cecília, I was super insecure to speak and write in English, as if there were a "monster” hiding under my desk! For me, preparing for a meeting where I would have to speak English was a really stressful moment... Now, thanks to teacher Cecília, I feel more confident and have overcome that fear. She has an innovative method as every class is different and adjusted to each student. Her energy is contagious , which makes me feel comfortable to practise my English and keep motivated to learn. In just 3 months, Cecília transformed the English "monster" into a simple metaphor. My best decision in 2021 was to start my English classes! If you want to improve your English, you should call Cecília, I highly recommend her classes.
Rita Barros, accountant in a Multinational Company
Cecília's classes, back in the days, gave me the confidence to speak in public, doing presentations and finding alternative words or expressions when explaining or discussing a topic. As a teacher, she made me realize that it’s not always about using the correct words or expressions in every situation, but rather making the message clear to the audience you aim to reach. More than learning English, I learned more on how to communicate effectively. Nowadays I work in a multicultural and multinational team: my closest co-worker and my boss are both German, and I barely speak any German! We use English as a lingua franca, of course. I can say that my confidence boost to use English on a daily basis was rooted in your classes :)
Sofia Monteiro Cunha, forensic physician
I couldn’t have asked for a better English teacher than teacher Cecília. Her passion for teaching and her patience for her students are the ingredients required to be successful, as she is. I have to say, English is my favourite foreign language and I have her to thank for. The English language is constantly present in my daily life. As a medical doctor, I have to study English books and scientific articles almost every single day! I have also lived in England for a whole month, while doing a medical internship and I have written a few abstracts in English for international Conferences. Besides that, a few years ago, I started reading English books only and watching Netflix with English subtitles. English is a constant presence in my life and I am glad it feels good to be able to write, read, speak and listen in that language. Thank you!
Ivone Meireles, stay at home mum
Having lessons with Cecilia has been a very good experience. I love her energy, the passion that she has for her work, the way she teaches and the patience. I wish you a lot of success!!
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Initial Bonus Session


Learning Plan


Goals & Targets



The first step is scheduling a bonus session to understand your profile as an English speaker, the reasons why you want to learn the language and your expected results in doing so.

After this, together, we will come up with a plan to improve your communication in an authentic way, a plan that suits your own pace, that has your face written all over it!! This way you will be thrilled and eager to know your next class is just about to start!

In this stage, we will also set mini goals and short, medium and long term targets in order to adjust expectations and pave a solid way to a successful language acquisition process.

Classes take place online and you can get further info in the section SERVICES.

I favour a communicative approach throughout the language acquisition process.Therefore, I use authentic materials as much as possible, such as role play of dialogues in real life situations, among other tailor-made strategies.



General English for communication purposes whilst developing speaking, writing, listening and reading


General English, in groups of 2 or 4 students, for communication purposes with an emphasis in conversational English


Exclusive programme designed to suit the student’s profile, with an emphasis on previously diagnosed needs for a business context or other specific purposes


Exclusive programme designed to suit the student’s profile, with an emphasis on previously diagnosed needs for a business context or other specific purposes


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