Cecília Pinto

Cecília Pinto

Individual Premium Pack
3 months

Exclusive programme designed to suit the student’s profile, with an emphasis on previously diagnosed needs for a business context or other specific purposes

(4 classes/month)
Courtesy of two bonus sessions corresponding to a 70 euro offer
(8 classes/month)
Courtesy of four bonus sessions corresponding to a 120 euro offer

Classes take place online and are scheduled in an agreed timetable for the whole month (exceptions made for particular situations that can require rescheduling from one of the parties). In case the student needs to reschedule a class, the request must be made with a 48-hour notice and the rescheduling will happen according to agreed availability from both parties. In case the student doesn’t share an available slot for the rescheduling, classes won’t follow up to the subsequent month. In case the cancellation occurs within less than 48 hours, the lesson is billed.

Full payment is prior to class cycles - three or six months.

It’s time to pause your busy schedule and be mindful of your English learning moment.

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