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Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to the usage of the website www.teacherceciliapinto.com, managed by Cecília de Jesus Rodrigues Pinto, as a self-employed worker. By registering in this platform, the user unconditionally accepts the terms described in this document, refraining from:

  • Abusing, diffamation, molesting, threatening or any other form of violation of other people’s rights;
  • Violating the privacy or advertising third parties;
  • Violating any laws or regulations of the country where the service is provided;
  • Using the image and services of Cecília de Jesus Rodrigues Pinto to commit fraud
  • Using any type of software containing virus, defects or any other harmful elements
  • Using the hired services for any type of unlawful activity.

The violation of these legal dispositions may lead to the suspension of services or the cancellation of services by unilateral decision of Cecília de Jesus Rodrigues Pinto, following the due legal procedures. These terms and conditions cover the acquisition of all services available in this website, which may include:

  • The purchase of digital materials;
  • The acquisition of online courses;

The platform of the website www.teacherceciliapinto.com uses several subcontracted software that supports the features presented to the user.

A. User Licence

Each user who purchases or subscribes to free courses from Cecília de Jesus Rodrigues Pinto is granted a user licence for the provided materials.

1. Users are allowed to download a copy of the available material in the website Cecília de Jesus Rodrigues Pinto exclusively for personal and non-commercial use. The licence only applies to this specific situation and it is not allowed to:

  • Change or copy the materials
  • Use the materials for any type of commercial use or for public use (commercial or non-commercial);
  • Attempt dissociation, decompression or reverse engineering of any software available in the website www.teacherceciliapinto.com;
  • Remove the copyright or ownership marks from materials;
  • Transfer someone else’s materials or “mirror” the materials from another server.

2. The user licence is automatically terminated if the user violates any of these restrictions.

B. Accountability

The available materials in the website www.teachercecilaipinto.com are provided as presented. Cecília de Jesus Rodrigues Pinto does not grant explicit or implicit guarantees denying, in advance, any guarantee accountability, without exception, including implicit guarantees or commercial conditions, the adequacy to a specific purpose or the non-infraction of intellectual property or any other violation of rights. Besides that, Cecília de Jesus Rodrigues Pinto, as manager of the website www.teacherceciliapinto.com, does not guarantee any scenarios or probable outcomes or the reliability that may come from using the materials from the website www.teacherceciliapinto.com or any other materials or courses related to this website.

C. Limitations

Under no circumstance is Cecília de Jesus Rodrigues Pinto accountable for damages that may occur from the use or inability to access materials available in the website, including when the manager has been informed orally or in writing of the possibility that a supposed damage may occur.

D. Revisions and errata

The materials available in the website www.teacherceciliapinto.com may include technical, typographic or photographic mistakes. Cecília de Jesus Rodrigues Pinto, manager of the website www.teacherceciliapinto.com, doesn’t guarantee that all the materials available in the website www.teacherceciliapinto.com are correct, complete or updated. Cecília de Jesus Rodrigues Pinto, as manager of the website www.teacherceciliapinto.com, is allowed to make changes to the materials available in the website www.teacherceciliapinto.com, at any given time without prior notice. Cecília de Jesus Rodrigues Pinto, as manager of the website www.teacherceciliapinto.com is not compelled to update the provided materials.

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